How to Save Money of Electronic Cigarettes & Vaporizers

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There are plenty of ways that shoppers can save money on their favorite electronic cigarettes and vape gear. From first time users to veteran mod heads, vaping (even though it is still far less expensive than cigarettes) can still cost money. There are numerous ways that online consumers can save by taking advantage of specific sites whose goals are to provide the public with deals as to recruit new e-cig users, and to simply pass along the good news. Finding these specials is not as hard and time-consuming as most think.

The most consistent way to save on e-cigs is to sign up for distributor’s newsletters and they will usually email customers with current specials and promotions. Thesee-cig deals emails, depending on the company, are pretty consistent about sending out their information as to bring those shoppers back to the site to purchase.

In addition to signing up for an e-cig company’s newsletter, shoppers can find deals on e-cigs through the actual vendor’s website! Often times, vaporizer vendors will have some sort of reward center where previous shoppers can continue to save through various point systems which can be applied to future purchases, though not usually retroactively. If a subscriber finds a coupon deal and combines that with an e-cig company’s reward center. Not like it is a long island driveway.

Buyers can also search the internet for deals. Shoppers can enter keywords into a popular search engine and will be yielded with thousands of discounts; so many in fact that it can be hard to sift through. From deals on vaporizers to coupons on e-liquids; the sky is the limit when it comes to platforms like Google, Bing and yahoo. Generally the highest ranking result will be the best source for the extreme savings.

Users should watch out for spam sites when seeking coupons, as some promo sites will require shoppers to sign up for their newsletter, or bombard a user’s screen with tons of pop-ups which can slow down the internet and ultimately detour shoppers. Some coupon sites exist solely as spam, as these webmasters know that average consumers are always looking to save money.

Social media will also provide buyers with discounts. Twitter is a fantastic example of this, where hashtags can be used to specifically locate flash sales and promotions. Sometimes these sales are very fast, so users who are subscribed to these various networks find that deals for vaporizers, e-liquids and e-cigs are as simple as typing it in with a hashtag. Instantly, hundreds of specials and coupons will stream at the customer’s disposal. Users can further narrow it down by also searching for the particular company’s specials by also adding a hashtag with that store’s name.

Lastly, word-of-mouth never hurts. Going into forums and chats and asking (even if it is that e-cig company’s chat function) never hurts. In fact, if a vaper is inclined they can literally post a question seeking a specific price, or a deal that will get them closer to their budget. Many e-cig users and vapers will often know of special codes that others are unaware of. This is common for new shoppers, especially when inquiring about a new vaporizer company.

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Electronic Cigarette Affiliation Programs: An Easy Way to Make Money

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Electronic cigarettes, or E-Cigs as they are commonly called, are exploding in the marketplace; from thousands to billions over the course of a few years. Forbes estimates that the electronic cigarette market will overtake big tobacco; great news for those seeking a smoking alternative that does not contain the disgusting 7000 chemicals that tobacco combustion emits.

Many people are taking advantage of this lucrative market. From investing in companies to simply joining affiliation programs, electronic cigarettes are an easy go-to e-cigarettethat is only gaining popularity. The easiest way to profit from this huge mass of potential profit is to sign up for an electronic cigarette’s affiliation program, which is usually simple and free. Some companies charge money, while others are open to the public and require little or minimal commitment.

The way that an e-cigarette affiliate program works is simple. First a user signs up, and then they paste a link/banner on their blog or Facebook, Twitter, or wherever they want. Every time an E-Cig user or a smoker clicks on the link and purchases from that company, the affiliate gets free money. It is easy, often free and can make a writer or a blogger a lot of money.

Because electronic cigarettes are celebrated products which contain far less chemicals, many bloggers and writers, whether users of E-cigs or smoke free, find the devices themselves to be beneficial to the public, as they offer a promising alternative to traditional smoking, which is responsible for killing millions of people every year.

An affiliate can advertise however they want; whether they simply copy and paste a code on their page or they steer readers to the site through banner placement or even writing which encourages clicks. Many coupon websites make money by doing the exact same thing; they are essentially affiliates who make easy money by getting people deals and getting them to purchase. Many sites will offer coupon deals on products like e-juice and vaporizers (for the specific affiliate). Affiliates can choose how involved they wish to be, although the more involved an affiliate is with their E-Cig audience, the more they will surely make.

Each affiliate is given a code or anurl, which is distinct to that affiliate’s account. This makes tracking simple and easy. Many e-cig companies setup their sites in a way that even the most inexperienced blogger can make a fortune by doing nothing.

Choosing the right affiliate program should be based on that site’s payout. Some sites will give writers, entrepreneurs and bloggers up to 50%. The commission can sometimes be residual as well, meaning that if that same customer shops on that site, the affiliate will continue to make money. Some companies charge to become an affiliate, while other electronic cigarette companies offer their programs for free to gain public attention of their products.

Selecting a good company to become affiliated with can be as simple as just picking one and rolling with it, but many of the best affiliate programs are new and upcoming E-Cig companies. Many of these sites will lock your commission and as they rise in the market, that affiliate will continue to reap the benefits of large amounts of easy cash revenue.

Another thing to consider is the company’s product line; as more clicks will turn to more sales, giving the affiliate even more money. Many lines only carry e-juices or e-cigs, while some have a large array of products to choose from. The best companies are the all-encompassing companies, as they will not only sell e-juices and e-liquids, but vaporizers, which are more expensive and yield more easy revenue for affiliates. Might as well contact a Long Island Wedding Photographer to take some pictures or even if you need to take some picture of your satin nickel cabinet hardware.  An average bottle of e-juice costs between $6-15 dollars while vaporizers can cost hundreds, therefor, if a shopper clicks the affiliate’s link and purchases say a vaporizer, three bottles of e-juice and a replacement part, that affiliate will make way more money than the non-encompassing company that only sells inexpensive or cheap e-juices.

All affiliates want to make easy money, which is why a few factors should be considered. Whether an affiliate wants to go with a top-dog and make less money or go with a rising company (not quite as secure) and make more money that choice is up to the affiliate.

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Hookah Pens Saved My Life

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I was an addicted smoker who quit smoking by using E-Hookahs, and this is my story: I became addicted to cigarettes when I was 16 and never even considered quitting. All of my friends smoked and I went out often. By the time I hit 30 I started to notice some key differences in my appearance (yellow teeth, wrinkles etc.) in addition to feeling tired all of the time and having limited lung capacity. If I took a run with Champ (my lovable mutt of a dog), I couldn’t keep up, and that was depressing!hookah

One night while I was out with some friends, I noticed one of my friends puffing away on what I thought was an electronic cigarette. I asked her if I could try it, and she quickly smiled and handed it over. She told me that her doctor had recommended them to her after he had quit smoking by using them. I tried her E-Cig, only to find that it tasted like strawberry. Not only did it taste like strawberry-but REAL strawberry. She told me that it was an E-Hookah and that it was different than an electronic cigarette. I was quickly drawn because the E-Hookah’s flavor was magnificent. I had a great idea: if I switched to a device like this electronic hookah, I could not only wean down from nicotine, but I could do so with a flavor unlike the tobacco flavor, which could help me stay away from the traditional “analogs” (I just recently learned this term).

I purchased my first hookah pen from a website and I ordered a bunch of flavors to see which ones I liked the best. I read reviews on multiple brands at www.electronichookahpens.com. I knew this was the way to go, and I purchased in the highest nicotine. When I first received my E-Hookahs in the mail, I was even more excited. They were beautiful and looked classy. Over the course of 6 months, I went from 12 mg of nicotine to 8 mg of nicotine- a huge step for me, because, as I said, I was a heavy smoker for nearly 15 years. I had been smoking almost two packs a day. The E-Hookahs were working!

Things became easier and easier as I surrounded myself around my same group of friends, many whom smoke cigarettes. Both my friend and I have converted several of our friends to E-Hookahs, because, everyone who tries them loves them! In the beginning, vaping on my hookah was difficult when surrounded by smokers, but after a week or so it didn’t even bother me. The hookah pen mimicked the appearance of the cigarette, but in my opinion, looked even sleeker. Hookah pens are very modern and visually appealing. I used to work at a Long Island SEO Company, and my job was threatened due to my habits.

It has been two years now and I am completely smoke-free, thanks to my friend, and the amazing E-hookahs. I hardly ever vape now, though when I do, I vape on zero nicotine (still E-Hookahs). The flavors are addicting (kidding!), but honestly, they taste so great that even though I no longer smoke I still enjoy using my hookah pen. They are really convenient and discreet, and they are fun to puff on when I am cooking or reading, of course, I still maintain using the zero nicotine version e-hookahs.

Since I quit smoking and started using electronic hookah pens, I have noticed a myriad of differences. My complexion is clear (I used to have blemishes), my teeth have gotten whiter and Champ is happier than ever. My success is not just one story, as I stated, some of my friends have also quit by using E-hookahs. Overall, I recommend them for people with situations like mine, but that is a decision that every person has to make for themselves. I tried E-cigs that were tobacco and menthol, and maybe I just tried the wrong ones, but the flavor was never what I liked. Overall, E-hookahs have been a lifesaver and I am so grateful for discovering them.

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E-Hookahs: The Middle Ground between E-Cigs and Vaporizers

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With so much controversy surrounding the VTM sector of the market, the electronic hookah seems to have found a pleasant middle ground smack between E-Cigs and the more complex vaporizers. Technically speaking, both utilize the same water-vapor, nicotine-delivery, through electronic hookahs (often pens) are far less complex and are more similar to the less innovative technology of the current “vaporizer.”

As the VTM market has deeply delved into flavors, which produces these same odd and fruit-flavored delights, but rather via the more “analogue” like appearance of the E-Cigarette. This has been a safer alternative for E-Cig users looking to experience flavors without the scrupulous knowledge and upkeep needed for a vaporizer.

As more electronic hookah pens emerge, flavor and nicotine variances are becoming more widely available. The E-Hookah niche is still growing, and even though the technology is leaning toward the traditional E-Cig deliverance of flavor and vapor, the convenience factor still remains a constant incentive of the device.

Traditional hookahs are bulky with massive amounts of assemblance necessary. From whips and cords to bowls and chambers, real hookahs can be very complex. The new technology of the VTM inspired version is small, usually disposable and lacks all of the hassles associated with “the real thing.” Real hookahs can also impose danger; as the hookah uses burning coals to heat the Sheesha. There have been many instances of houses burning down, severe burns to the skin and demolished carpets because of hookah mishaps. New electronic hookahs eliminate these potential dangers.

As E-Cig companies focus on perfecting their tobacco and menthol blends, the VTM sect continues to become more and more complex. The health and the electrical aspects have become more dangerous for beginners who do not know the simple difference between an atomizer and a cartridge. Electronic hookahs remain easy-to-use with lots of flavor options, and still remain one of the best devices for individuals looking for an easy to use, flavorful vaping experience.


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Finding the Best Franchise Opportunity

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For many people across the country who wish to be their own bosses on a daily basis, the idea of the franchise business opportunity has proven to be very beneficial. A franchise business opportunity gives an entrepreneur a chance to try starting up his or her own business while still remaining in the safety net of an established business model. Benefits of a franchise business opportunity can include a more flexible work schedule, the opportunity to work for one’s self, and a proven framework with which to run a successful business.

As with any business venture, however, the franchise business opportunity also poses a few risks. This is why it is important to research and become familiar with the franchise company of interest before making any final decisions. Anyone interested in starting up some type of franchise business opportunity should first fully Franchise Opportunityunderstand what is involved in making the business work. Being armed with a good amount of practical knowledge at the beginning of such a venture largely increases the odds of success with any franchise business opportunity.

When choosing which type of franchise business opportunity to pursue, it is always important to begin with the question of what one enjoys. Any self-run business, including a franchise business opportunity, will take a significant amount of time and effort. It is important to choose something that will be enjoyable and interesting.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the timing of a business startup. When one is first attempting to secure a franchise business opportunity, there will most likely be a lot of extra time devoted to this pursuit. It is important for the potential owner of a franchise business opportunity to begin at a time that works well in his or her personal and family schedule. Another good idea is to check with other franchisees and see what kind of business hours they put into work with their franchise business opportunity. This would probably be a very good indicator of which franchise business opportunity is right for a specific individual.

If possible, another good idea is to talk to the franchisers themselves, so that one can get an accurate idea of what is involved in the startup process as well as the actual day to day responsibilities of the franchise business opportunity. It is important to get a feel for the franchise company to see if it would be a good fit for the individual who is planning to become involved. A franchise business opportunity will be much more successful if the franchisee feels familiar and comfortable with the franchisers and has a good handle on what kind of commitment it will require. Such great ideas as working with a company, plays a big part in this and help building your franchise online and create more successes with your business through the web.

It is also important to determine which type of franchise business opportunity would work best with one’s schedule and personal preferences for work environment. One type of franchise business opportunity that works well for many people is something that can easily be run from the comfort of one’s home. Others may prefer a franchise business opportunity that is operated from outside the home so they can interact with more people on a regular basis. These are all things to keep in mind when considering which type of franchise business opportunity would work best for the individual.

Overall, there are many options when pursuing a franchise business opportunity. If effort is taken to make choices that fit well with the personal goals of the franchisee, many people will find that a franchise business opportunity opens up a world of exciting possibilities.

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E-Cigarettes are Here for a Reason

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If you went to a trade show, you might have seen one. If you take a stroll through your mall or shopping center, you might have seen one there as well. This product is the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, and it has aroused the interest in many people, particularly smokers.

The purpose of the e-cigarette is simple: It is meant as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. As long as you have a good e-cigarette model, it is supposed to give you the same feel as though you’re smoking a real cigarette but without the harmful side effects. It is not, at the current time, marketed as a cessation device, but the e-cigarettepercentage rate of former smokers who started on the e-cigarette have reported that they stopped smoking real cigarettes immediately.

While no research has been conducted as of yet on the long-term effects on e-cigarette usage, users have reported that they are either maintaining the same level of nicotine intake when using tobacco cigarettes or they are actually reducing their intake gradually.

Perhaps the thing that separates the e-cigarettes from other cessation devices is the fact that it combats both the physical and psychological needs of smoking a cigarette. For the obvious addiction to nicotine, the e-cigarette takes care of that through the nicotine that is found in the refill cartridge. For the psychological addiction to cigarettes, which is the act of smoking itself, is also taken care of. No other cessation device can do what the e-cigarette does – not the patch, inhaler, or other herbal remedy.

The benefits of using an e-cigarette are plenty. For one, you will no longer smell like an ashtray. Your home, your clothes, and your belongings will get a whole new makeover and will no longer reek of smoke odors. Second, you will be significantly reducing the amount of toxins that you are putting into your body. The smoke from tobacco cigarettes emits over 4,000 chemicals and other toxins, while the e-cigarette is known, at this time, to emit traces of nicotine.

By using an e-cigarette, you are greatly reducing your risk of developing debilitating disease later on in your life. Research shows that smokers in their 40s to 50s are five times more likely to develop coronary heart disease due to smoking. It is reassuring to know that using an e-cigarette gives you the satisfaction you seek without subjecting your body and health to heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, and cancer of your other organs.

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Try Franchising!

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If you plan on putting up your own business, you can try franchising.

Search for the best franchise options and learn how they did wonders to help you achieve your business goals and meet your needs and expectations.
Franchising is using the strategies and operations of a successful business and its name. It allows you to form a relationship with a successful business and use its systems, which help bring more brand awareness.
The process of getting the best franchise available is quite simple. After paying an initial franchise fee, you need to undergo training to familiarize with the business’ operations and its standards for quality and service. After training, you are offered a location which the business has already developed.

The building is constructed, but you have to take care of its interior. The seating, landscaping, and such interior features are your responsibility. The profit you make from your franchise depends on a number of factors, such as the efficiency of your operating costs, and your ability to run the business.
This process is known as the business format franchise.
There are other arrangements of franchising a business, like the distributorship and dealership, which involves selling the product but not necessarily trading under the franchise name. Compared with the business format franchise, you have more control over the business.

The agency is selling goods and services for the supplier. The licensee allows you to make and sell the licensor’s product.
What are the advantages of franchising? When you franchise, you reduce the risk in making your investment. Franchises are efficient and profitable because they are managed well and are already established brands. Once you franchise a business, you get to learn how the business is run.
This knowledge on the business’ system and operations puts you on edge. It also helps you land good deals on supplies, for they are provided by the franchise company. The franchise company takes care of buying the goods and supplies for you and the rest of the franchise units.

Moreover, customers already know the business. They would rather buy a product they are familiar with because they are sure of the quality of the product or service you offer them.
If you are considering franchising a business, choose only the best franchise options. You can choose the popular brands already known in the market or you can search the Internet for the best franchise opportunities.

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Finding The Best E-Cigarette Brand

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Finding The Best E-Cigarette Brand
As the electronic cigarette marketplace has turned more and more crowded, the end-user looking to pick up their foremost e-cig has been faced with the really difficult task of locating the best e- cigarette brand. When the industry was just initiating up, consumers had confined choices when choosing an e cigarette starter kit and, in a way, life was easier back then!e-cigarette

Obviously the technology wasn’t what it is now, but the augmented competition has just made it downright hard these days to come across the best e cigarette from the best e-cigarette brand.

This year has been a crucial one for the electronic cigarettes, a turning point of sorts for general acceptance, and a subsequent embrace by the big tobacco. With e-cigs apparently here to stay, innovative brands that were each already developing and producing their own e cigarette starter kit now had to understand that big tobacco’s new motto of “if you can’t beat them, join them” meant increased competition. Below are some key factors to help you locate the brand that produces the best e cigarette satisfying your needs:


Selecting the best e-cigarette brand for you at times means going through a few not so fascinating experiences. Of course, if you do your study you can easily cut down on money and time wasted, not to mention the dissatisfaction. What a lot of leading brands have that the newer ones don’t is a developed reliability to their products and their brand. When you choose an e cigarette starter kit from the Apollo, Green smoke or White Cloud, among others, you recognize exactly what you are going to get since those companies have been improving their products for years.

Availability and Customer Service
Finding the best e-cigarette brand also means coming across a reliable company that stands behind their products. Every brand out there believes they produce the best e cigarette, however when you go out to make your purchase you wish to find a company that stands behind their products and delivers for their clients. To us, this means having the stuff you want available when you require them, along with the best customer service that will be there for you as you transition to using e cigarettes as an alternative to the traditional tobacco. If you are looking for a zero nicotine option, you may want to try the Zeros over at http://www.clearette.com
Good customer service is very important, and that’s why our highest rated brands each have the service we expect from those striving to be the best e-cigarette brand.

Highly Rated

Electronic cigarettes are turning out to be a big business, with 2013 being the year that has really pushed the e- cig industry past $ I billion in sales. A billion dollar industry – wow!  Well yes, that’s a fact. When things turn that grand, everyone notices and desires a piece of a wildly rising and profitable field. For the customer, increased competition mean lower prices and greater innovation. It also means a flood of companies making your choice on the best e-cigarette brand that much difficult. As you search for an e cigarette starter kit that bets caters your needs, you must try keep our key factors in mind to help you slender your choice. If you’re still uncertain, hit us up on live chat or on our boards. We’ll do our best to keep you conversant and make your choice that much easier. The road leading to your best e cigarette is awaiting you!

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E-Cigarettes – A Safe Alternative to Smoking

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Today the e-cigarette industry is such a competitive one that you will find thousands of companies offering you the improved and newest e-cigs with different sorts of flavors and vapor hits under the sun.

What are electronic cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes are basically non-flammable devices that use the state of the art microelectronic technology to bring a measured dose of nicotine vapor to the smokers. These premium cigarettes are much safer and contain none of the 4000 injurious toxins, chemicals and substances that are found in the cigarette smoke. They deliver an instant “hit” of nicotine, which is the prime substance in tobacco that causes those potent cravings.

Now we get to the bread and butter of the tobacco alternatives: the electronic cigarette. Do e-cigs really work and are they truly able to fill that gap that wasn’t catered by the other options available that have been developed over the years? While we don’t think that e-cigs are ideal for every smoker out there, it has eventually become clear as day that e-cigs are emerging as the topmost choice for the far majority of smokers seeking a reasonable tobacco alternative.e-cig smoker

The e-cig alternative offers a lot of the same benefits (no smell, no smoke etc.) as the others, but in terms of the real feel and the day-to-day use, there just isn’t any comparison. An electronic cigarette is certainly an answer to that oral fixation while producing vapor that imitates the feeling of smoke in your lungs and mouth. It isn’t smoke, it leaves you smelling good, however it ensures making you feel like you just took a drag on your beloved cigarette. Not to mention you could really save a boatload since e-cigs are much economical than a pack of cigarettes for most.
It can be pretty tough to make your decision on the best e-cigarette at the time when you don’t have all of the information about its utility! Whether it’s a decent quality product like Green Smoke, funky looking product from White Cloud, or just an old-fashioned kind of appeal from Smoke Tip; you can easily find the electronic cigarette reviews on all the products that you may be considering purchasing. At E- Cigarette Market place, we just hope that we can facilitate you with your new e-smoking decision. So guys and girls; what are you still waiting for? Take a peek to see if your hottest e-cig is on the list and hear from the experts -we try and test and review them so that you don’t have to!!

Free samples of e-cigs are available at http://www.clearette.com

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